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Plant Maintenance Person Interview Questions for Hiring Managers

Updated: May 16

Welcome to the fourth edition of Hiring Manager Insights. 

Get ready to access practical intelligence that will ease your candidate hiring journey.  My goal is to provide you with useful tips and strategies learned over the past 16 years to help simplify your hiring process. To download a printable copy of this guide click here.

Today let’s explore my top 10 questions to ask a plant maintenance candidate during an interview:

1. Give me a short overview of your experience with preventive maintenance programs in a manufacturing plant setting? Walk me through how do you prioritize maintenance tasks to ensure optimal equipment performance? 

2. How do you approach troubleshooting and diagnosing equipment failures in a fast-paced manufacturing environment? Share with me an example of a challenging maintenance issue you successfully resolved? 

3. How do you stay updated on industry best practices and new technologies in plant maintenance?  Describe an example of how you have applied new knowledge to improve maintenance processes?

 4. Tell me about your experience with managing spare parts inventory and ensuring timely availability of critical components for maintenance activities? 

5. How do you prioritize safety in your maintenance work?  What are some examples of safety protocols or procedures you have implemented to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment? 

6. Tell me about a time when you had to coordinate maintenance activities with production schedules to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency? 

7. How you approach training and mentoring junior maintenance staff to develop their skills and knowledge in plant maintenance? 

8. Walk me through a project where you successfully implemented predictive maintenance techniques to anticipate equipment failures and prevent costly downtime? 

 9. How do you handle emergency maintenance situations that require quick and effective responses to minimize production disruptions? 

10. Share with me how you communicate with other departments or stakeholders to coordinate maintenance activities and ensure alignment with overall plant goals and objectives?

You likely already know how important it is to ask open-ended questions during an interview.  This provides you the opportunity to not only evaluate their technical skills for the role but also evaluate their communication skills.  It also may provide you with personality traits that demonstrate their cultural fit for your team.

Let me know if you have an interview coming up for a different role and would like a separate list of questions customized to the role you have open.

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